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Erin delivered our report two days early and was very responsive when we needed to update it with our final construction budget. I strongly recommend her to other project developers seeking quality work at a competitive price.

Robert Sarner
Real Estate Developer

We have worked with Erin on two hotel development projects by a Chinese real estate company in the New York area. We are very pleased with her reports and will continue to work with her on our future projects.

Jenny Chen
Vice President of Development

Erin is one of the hardest working individuals I have had the opportunity to work with. She has always been available during and after hours to talk through our projects and we greatly appreciate her commitment to the project and our team.

Richard Sehayik
Boutique Hotel Developer

We strongly recommend Erin Osborne. Her USCIS experience and practical approach allows us to get our projects to market quickly with minimal delay and her fees are fair.

Doug Feinstein
Assisted Living Facility Developer

I cannot thank Erin enough for her efforts. One of our business plan writers had a question about the timing of jobs in the economic report and she made herself available to speak directly with our vendor and quickly addressed the questions.

Michael Sophinos
EB5 Regional Center Owner

What is a Request for Evidence (RFE)?

After reviewing your application, sometimes USCIS will require more information or clarification on certain items before proceeding with a decision to approve or deny the application. If this is the case, they’ll issue a Request for Evidence, or RFE. Unlike a Notice of Intent to Deny (NOID), an RFE does not necessarily mean your application will be denied. Crafting an appropriate and timely response, however, is critical to avoid denial and receive a favorable decision from the USCIS adjudicator.

Types of RFEs

RFEs can vary greatly in the extent and complexity of the adjudicator’s request. Some RFEs simply request missing documents that were not received by USCIS.

In other instances, an RFE might center around complex provisions of U.S. immigration law and the EB-5 program specifically. These RFEs may require that project sponsors provide information proving program eligibility, elaborating on the nature of the new commercial enterprise, or defending the methodology of how job creation outputs were determined. Understanding exactly what is being asked is critical to adequately respond to an RFE.

If a project sponsor is unsure of what evidence should be submitted to USCIS, consult industry professionals who can help review the RFE and assemble the appropriate documentation and response.

Our Process for Responding to RFEs

Our team has extensive experience in helping project sponsors review and craft appropriate RFE response packages. Once engaged, our team will work directly with you to review the RFE and outline the best course of action. We’ll guide you through each step of the process to ensure the appropriate documentation is included in the response and we’ll draft a response letter to outline the contents of the submission and a summary of the response.

Responding to RFEs in a timely, organized, and professional manner is crucial to avoid a NOID and ensure a favorable decision by the USCIS adjudicator. If you’ve received an RFE and need assistance, email Erin Osborne directly at erin.osborne@eb5-economist.com to get started.

Why Work with Us

EB-5 Project Developers and Regional Centers Across the Country Consistently Choose to Work with Us

Most of our clients who engage us to assist with RFEs are seasoned veterans in the EB-5 industry. They understand the gravity of RFEs and the implications an inadequate response can have on their project, their brand, and their investors’ chances of obtaining Green Cards.

Our clients are looking for a team that can provide fast, accurate solutions to their issues without multiple rounds of follow ups from USCIS.

EB-5 project sponsors and developers should research different firms before engaging professionals to assist with RFE responses. Engaging the wrong team could jeopardize the immigration status of investors and could cause irreparable damage to project sponsors’ reputations. 


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