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Model-Derived Jobs for EB-5 Regional Center Projects

Under the USCIS Regional Center Program, models are used to calculate total EB-5 job creation. Economists are able to analyze EB-5 project expenditures and operations revenue and show EB-5 job creation through econometric models such as RIMS II, IMPLAN, or REMI, etc. These dynamic models demonstrate different EB-5 job creation calculations based on project location, expenditure & revenue categories, and construction timeline, among others. No two projects are exactly the same so it’s important to engage experienced professionals to help accurately calculate total job creation.

Why EB-5 Construction Jobs Matter

Simply put, construction timelines lasting 24 months or longer produce more EB-5 construction jobs than those lasting less than 24 months. Direct, indirect, and induced jobs may be counted when construction lasts 24 months or longer whereas direct jobs are excluded when timelines are shorter. The ability to add direct jobs to the total job creation output can be extremely beneficial to projects and investors. In some cases, EB-5 construction job output doubles for longer construction periods which allows projects to bring on more investors, or allows for a larger cushion beyond the minimum 10 jobs per investor that USCIS currently requires.

RIMS II Industries

In their simplest form, RIMS II multipliers show (among others) how local demand affects earnings & employment in a given region. Multipliers are broken down by industry for a given region to reflect a more accurate view of local demand. For instance, $1mm spent on construction in Manhattan will have a different indirect impact on local farming than $1mm spent in Nebraska. It’s important to work with an Economist who can properly categorize project expenditures and operating revenues to enable more accurate use of RIMS II industries and their respective multipliers.

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